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What’s hot at grocery stores; How COVID-19 could change nursing homes forever: CBC’s …


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Will COVID-19 bring real change to long-term care?

A year before the pandemic, Marketplace‘s hidden cameras exposed staffing dangers in long-term care homes. Now, nursing homes — including the one featured in our original investigation — are at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak. Will the pandemic bring a real fix to the system? David Common reports. 

Advocates for seniors say the COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the fragility and inadequacy of care for older Canadians, and footage from a CBC Marketplace investigation highlights that a lack of standards for staffing was a problem before the COVID-19 crisis. 6:01

What we’ve been buying at grocery stores during the pandemic

While some shelves are empty, other items, like cosmetics and hair styling products, are down. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

Not so shockingly, sales of coffee, alcohol and cleaning products are up. Meanwhile, flour sales — as the rise of baking photos on Instagram and Facebook has suggested — have been way up. But sales of some items, like cosmetics and hair styling products, are down, a likely reflection of physical distancing. 

Health Canada authorizes test for COVID-19 antibodies

Health workers perform coronavirus tests in Gull Bay, Ont. Health Canada has approved a serological test for antibodies specific to the virus. (David Jackson/Reuters)

Health Canada says the test will be used in laboratories to detect COVID-19 antibodies and help contribute to a better understanding of whether people who have been infected are immune to the virus. Back in March, Marketplace investigated the fight to sell antibody tests in Canada.

Need a ride from Uber? You’ll need to wear a mask

Uber announced a slew of new rules concerning enhanced hygiene precautions about COVID-19 on Wednesday. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

The San Francisco-based technology giant says drivers won’t be able to pick up customers until they have verified they are wearing a mask via photo-recognition software built into the Uber app.

What else is going on?

Health Canada issues recall of some KN95 masks made in China
The organization says the recalled respirators “pose a health and safety risk to end users.”

Some grocery chains now require shoppers to wear a face mask
Longo’s, T&T Supermarket and Costco in the U.S. now say customers must wear some kind of face covering.

A major airline will ‘most likely’ go bust this year because of COVID-19, Boeing CEO says
Airlines have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic harder than most sectors, as global demand for travel has slowed to a crawl. 

How local businesses are adapting to curbside pickup
Some stores welcome the service, but others say it’s not feasible.

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