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Alanis Morissette to appear on Fraggle Rock: Rock On!


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Alanis Morissette is among the special guests set to appear in next week’s finale of the new incarnation of Fraggle Rock on Apple TV Plus.

The Ottawa-born singer-songwriter will appear along with several other stars in the sixth instalment of Fraggle Rock: Rock On! next Tuesday.

She’ll sing the classic Fraggle Rock theme song, along with Common, Jason Mraz, Neil Patrick Harris, Tiffany Haddish, and Ziggy Marley.

The original 1980s version of the children’s puppet series from the Jim Henson Company was filmed in Toronto.

The new U.S.-shot series features mini episodes that have appeared every Tuesday for free on the streaming service since last month.

In keeping with COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, the production team and artists have shot the show on iPhones from their homes all over the U.S.

The new storyline is reminiscent of the pandemic social-distancing measures, with the Fraggles in their individual caves communicating with others through devices created by the Doozers.

www.cbc.ca 2020-05-19 20:34:12

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