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Sunday Scrum: Canada’s continuing fight against COVID-19


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CBC News Network’s Sunday Scrum panel is your destination for frank discussion and analysis of the week’s big Canadian political stories.

This week, we ask our panellists about the threat of a resurgence of COVID-19 as the country eases restrictions intended to limit the spread of the virus, and the fate of Canada’s cities as they face mounting costs brought on by the crisis. 

Plus, the panellists talk about the status of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s U.S. citizenship and the outgoing leader’s calls for more in-person sittings in Parliament. 

The panellists also tackle the spike in Ontario’s COVID-19 case counts and pleas from Premier Doug Ford for residents of his province to undergo testing. 

WATCH | Canada’s fight against COVID-19:

As Canada emerges from months of lockdown, key questions remain unanswered about where Canadians are getting infected with COVID-19. With Ontario and Quebec in particular still recording new cases in the hundreds each day, our political panel discusses the threat of a resurgence. 13:25

WATCH | Canadian cities hit hard by COVID-19:

Canada’s cities are continuing to appeal to Ottawa and the provinces for emergency funding to absorb mounting costs associated with COVID-19, which some mayors say is necessary to avoid taking drastic measures to make up for revenue shortfalls brought on by the crisis. 10:07

WATCH | Scheer calls for in-person House sittings, won’t renounce U.S. citizenship:

Andrew Scheer said this week he won’t be renouncing his U.S. citizenship now that he no longer has a chance of becoming prime minister. But the Conservative leader continues to call for regular, in-person sittings in Parliament. 15:10

WATCH | Ontario reports most new COVID-19 cases since May 8:

Ontario Premier Doug Ford made a public plea asking people ‘go get a test,’ as the province confirmed 460 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, marking the highest new COVID-19 case count since May 8. 7:05

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